The activities of the Chambers encompass the following features:

  1. Being unofficially geared towards specific results. All contemporary structures are representative in nature. In the case of this particular Chamber, the emphasis is on specific results indicating the number of projects and enterprises.

    The state of modern economics is changing the very concept of a business outcome. For small, medium-size and slightly above medium-size businesses, profit remains the primary desired outcome. But the structure of the modern economy is such that we are committed to emphasizing the necessity and value, not of the quantitative, but of the qualitative results, i. e. structural improvements, technological advancements, deepening interpenetration of mutual economic activity, and from an overall perspective, bringing our strategies into closer alignment.

    In collaboration with international stock exchange structures, we have been developing economic stimulus programs and quality production outcome, as well as a system of converting and capitalizing on quality outcome to produce tangible financial resources.

    We have been a part of creating mechanisms which will ultimately motivate business people to undertake projects that may not appear to be highly efficient financially speaking, but which bring qualitative changes to bear on economic structures’ collaboration. This is what the world economic leaders are involved in.

  2. Individual case management and responsibility. Each entity applying to the Chamber is assigned a Case Manager in charge of working with this particular entity.

  3. Полнота и комплексность. Comprehensive and complex nature

    One of the ways to further improve the economic efficiency of investments is to minimize all types of overhead and supporting service expenses. This is an important guideline for our work at the Commerce and Industry Chamber.

    Our goal is to minimize all major and accompanying expenses. It provides the underlying foundation for a full range of services. Clearly defined objectives serve as the backdrop for this. We believe that minimizing service costs may lower production costs by 20%-40% respectively and thus enhance economic efficiency. Moreover, the quality of the centrally-provided services will undoubtedly be higher and more sophisticated than those rendered through mediation of independent decisions. In view of the above, the Chamber offers the following range of services:

    1. Designated automated administration and accounting (analysis + audit)

    2. The Chamber offers an automated service package for the solution of all typical administration tasks, as well as for any kind of analytical and audit procedures in accounting, based on standard certified software platforms, while ensuring information security. Apart from the solution of conventional economic tasks, the Chamber will be offering expert services for the solution of specific problems which are unique to individual organizations.

    3. Leasing Premises and Equipment

    4. A full range of premises and equipment is provided on the most favorable terms, as well as assistance in the purchase, delivery, and installation of specific types of equipment.

    5. IT Support

    6. Getting connected to a standard platforms and products system, assisting in the development, fine-tuning, and adjustment of IT support to the needs of individual organizations, including the development of very specific products. This is the sphere of activity of the Chamber’s IT Department.

    7. HR Support and Personnel Training

    8. Building a uniform HR system: recruitment, support, personnel training including a database linked to the training system at both Ukrainian and Israeli higher education institutions. Professional retraining and advanced career development are also linked to this system.

    9. Fully Equipped Workspace

    10. Among other services the Chamber provides to its clients are various consultations, implementation of ergonomic projects for optimizing a company’s workspace as well as the project execution aimed at ensuring safety and the best possible working conditions, employing the most advanced scientific methods, and also targeted towards building mutual inter-staff and personnel collaboration systems.

    11. Logistics (Transportation Arrangements)

    12. Centralized transportation management, a system for all types of supply and provision, access to centralized delivery systems and standard warehouse equipment.

    13. Legal Advice

    14. A full range of legal and notary services in compliance with not only Israeli and Ukrainian legislation, but also that of partner countries, in collaboration with the Commerce and Industry Chamber. Groundwork for all types of legal negotiations.

    15. Lobbying

    16. Legal and official positive lobbying on behalf of Chamber members, to promote their interests in the context of our relationships with all government structures. Building relationships with all government agencies and power structures. Moderating [the effects of] existing relationships with similar organizations, structuring competitive relationships, and providing assistance in collaborating with partner companies.

    17. Comprehensive Security

    18. Full range of services ensuring all forms of security (economic, information, physical, technological, etc.) including preventive measures for inspection, installation, and control.

    19. Access to Databases and Customized Informational Complex

    20. Provision of all types of information services, including the use of the latest updates within the jurisdiction of private security agencies working with the Chamber and applying to law enforcement agencies for assistance.

    21. Collective Marketing Systems

    22. Building complex collective marketing systems, organizing related campaigns, cost-cutting for all types of advertisement services.

    23. Partner-Search Systems

    24. Unified integrated search systems for all types of partnerships. Providing assistance in building partner relationships and resolving conflicts arising in the course of collaboration.

    25. Communication and PR

    26. Integrated PR services: providing communication between organizations, collectivization and unifying relations, creating a unified integrated communication system for the Chamber member companies.

    27. Running Events

    Organizing, optimizing and running events. Incorporation of all events held by the Chamber members and optimal feasible unification of interests; building inter-organizational club-communication structures.

  4. Network of Standardized Integrated Representative Offices in Major World Regions, Contact with Administrations, Intergovernmental Representatives

    Building a network of standardized integrated representative offices in all major regions of the world that could facilitate information and service exchange, processing of orders, services and requests in other regions, including intergovernmental orders.

  5. Unified Independent Networking Resource

    Providing a unified far-reaching network for all Chamber members and a system of creating and promoting individual and departmental networks, including design and content development systems, as well as a system for their interactive use.

  6. Financial Services and Mutual Lending System

    Building a financial services system (transnational transfers, payment schemes, facilitating interaction with banking structures, creating and governing investment companies and funds) and a mutual lending and investing system. Implementing a system for the collective use of short-term financial resources.

  7. Foreign Economic Activities

    Facilitating foreign economic activities, including customs services, building international economic relations, logistics and transportation.

  8. Interaction with International Stock Exchanges

    Facilitating individual and corporate access to international investment platforms, including centralized, global, specialized platforms and stock exchanges. Enabling collaboration with stock exchanges and participating in their activities.

  9. Real Estate

    Building unified real estate services and a legal database for all types of real estate.

  10. Stock Market Transactions

    Creating a consulting and technical consulting services system for all types of stock market transactions through the Chamber-affiliated authorized organizations.

  11. Fixed Educational and Communication Activities System

    Building a fixed targeted educational and communication activities system, geared towards the needs of Chamber members, a personnel education, training and re-training system, and an industrial and socio-political experience & technology exchange system. (Companies share their experience in building relations with local governments).

  12. Political Support Bordering on Lobbying

    Creating political support structures, both in various regions of Ukraine and Israel, and in other countries where Chamber members may be working. Constant collaboration of Chamber members with diplomatic and consular agencies and administrations.

  13. Scientific Research, Comprehensive Expert Examinations, Patent Support

    Preparation and formulation of scientific research and design projects. Providing assistance in selecting providers and collaborating with them, comprehensive expert examination of innovative scientific, technological, and engineering projects; patent and copyright support.

  14. International Regulation and Licensing Support

    Creating a support system for interacting with all types of regulatory bodies and structures; providing licensing support in the appropriate fields and assistance in registering the structures subject to licensing.

  15. Facilitating Turn-Key Ready Sale and Purchase of Enterprises for Businesses; Incorporation, Integration, Collective Governance

    Creation of an integrated mini market (internal mini exchange) of complete investment structures for turn-key ready sale, purchase and incorporation of turn-key companies.

  16. Experimental and Pilot Projects

    Development of test and pilot insurance projects; ensuring solvency through a special financing and banking system.

The Chamber will encompass associations and organizations whose specialized activities require distinctive licensing.