Answers on questions

  • How can I join the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce?

    In order to become a member of the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, you must fill out the application at: Our reps will contact you to discuss next steps.

  • Can you provide me with a list of member companies in the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce?

    You may view the list of member companies in the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce at:

  • I have a company in Israel/Ukraine, how can I find partners in Ukraine/Israel?

    We would be happy to meet with you and determine your basic needs so that we may offer you the most favorable conditions for cooperation in Ukraine and Israel.

  • How can my partnership with the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce help me promote my company, service or product on the market?

    Promoting your company is one of our Chamber’s main goals. You can find more detailed information about our services here

  • Can I advertise and expose my company, service or product to the members of the Chamber?

    After having become familiarized with your company and having confirmed that it meets our requirements, you will be able to advertise and expose your company, service and product. Moreover, we will contribute to this process as much as we can, so that our participants and partners will learn about your company.

  • What advantages do I gain as a member?

    Main advantages of cooperation with us: Eligibility to receive grants and certification; Receiving assistance in operations management; Building brand awareness using support strategies provided by the Chamber; Networking opportunities to help you find new clients among Chamber members; Bringing companies into compliance with international standards in both Ukraine and Israel.

  • Are the Chamber events open to everyone?

    All Chamber activities require advance registration. Anyone can participate in our events.

  • Can I file a complaint against a business or a company?

    We would be very grateful if you would inform us regarding the current state of affairs related to your business and its progress as well as the possible difficulties that you have encountered. All your requests will be processed by our team of specialists and, if feasible, resolved.