The distinctive qualities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine are dictated by the
unique nature of the relationship between our two countries.
They are based on the following distinctive advantages of that relationship:

The affinity between cultures and interests

The formation of the state which Ukraine is experiencing now, Israel experienced in its time and is ready to share its experience. We are confident that in the matter of finding its destination in the global economy, Israel can and should become a strategic partner for Ukraine.

Linguistic link and a similar mindset

Israel is close to Ukraine not only geographically, but also mentally. A huge role in the formation of the State of Israel was played by hundreds of thousands of immigrants from post-Soviet territory, who came to a young country in the 70-90s and turned it into one of the largest global players.

Cooperation in the field of high-tech and innovation

Israel certainly has something to share in the field of innovation and high-tech, medicine, and culture, as well as in the social and humanitarian sphere. We believe that Ukraine needs to have a strategy for the next 12 years. This is the minimum cycle of economic development. Israel always fits into these cycles and can assist Ukraine to solve strategic and tactical issues, but not function and operational ones.

Collaboration in a number of joint resource projects

Ukraine has always been a good trading partner for Israel. But now foreign companies entering Ukraine seek solutions how to proceed further in order to operate in an unfamiliar environment. They need organizations or representatives that will offer comprehensive assistance in adapting to unfamiliar Western world conditions.

Added Value for Members

  • Comprehensive platform for bilateral collaboration between Israel and Ukraine
  • The Chamber brings together companies, experts, financial institutes and more
  • Networking that allows for optimizing the economic efficiency of cooperation
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, round tables and other Chamber events
  • The Chamber connects private and public sectors, providing solutions and government support at all levels
  • Exclusive access to Chamber comprehensive database of Ukrainian and Israeli companies and entities
  • The system of support for members of the Chamber in different regions of Ukraine
  • In collaboration with legal companies, the Chamber offers you comprehensive legal, tax and business operation consulting.

Join the Chamber

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