Based on our organizational goals, the Chamber has determined approaches to work, as well as
priority areas of activity:

1. Focus on a specific result

    • In the modern world, the very concept of business results is changing. We do not focus on the
      values ​​of quantitative results, but rather, on qualitative results: raising the economy’s technological
      level, developing and introducing innovative solutions, expanding the mutual penetration of the
      economies of the two countries, bringing together strategic positions in general
    • We, along with international exchange structures, develop economic stimulation systems, as well
      as a system for converting and capitalizing quality results

2. Comprehensive platform for bilateral cooperation between Israel and Ukraine:

    • Networking system of integrated offices in the main regions, communication with administrations,
      interstate offices
    • Unified network information service for all Chamber participants
    • Organization of foreign economic activity (customs services, building international economic
      relations, international logistics and transport)
    • Building industry infrastructure for the development of trade, economic and scientific connections
      in various areas of the economy
    • Ongoing educational and communication activities
    • Organization of scientific research, comprehensive examination, patent support
      International regulatory and licensing support
    • Assistance in the sale and purchase of companies, corporatization, integration, collective
    • Network of legal and notarial services under the laws of Israel and Ukraine
    • Arrangement of official legal assistance to members of the Chamber in relations with government
    • Unified comprehensive networking and partner search system

3. Completeness and complexity

One of the ways to increase economic efficiency of investment is minimization of all types ofoverhead and security costs.

We believe that minimizing the cost of services can reduce costs by 20-40% and, accordingly, increase economic efficiency – this despite the fact that the quality of centralized services will undoubtedly be higher and more technological than independent decision-making. Based on the above, the Chamber assists companies in solving the following operational and management tasks:

    • Nominal automated administration and accounting (analysis + audit)
    • Automated complex of services for solving all typical and non-standard management tasks, as well
      as all accounting, analytical and audit work based on standard certified software platforms, while
      ensuring information security
    • Rental of quarters and equipment
    • IT support
    • Connection to the system of standard platforms and products, as well as assistance in the
      development, fine-tuning and adaptation of IT software to the needs of a particular organization,
      including the development of very specific products
    • HR support and staff training: recruitment, support, training, retraining and staff development
      Centralized arrangement for provision of transport
    • Full range of services to ensure all forms of security (economic, informational, physical, technical)
    • Building integrated collective marketing systems, organizing relevant campaigns, reducing the cost
      of advertising services
    • Comprehensive PR service
    • Organizing, optimizing and carrying out activities

4. Public diplomacy

The Chamber’s activities are aimed at building and developing a long-term strategic partnership
between the two countries. The Chamber informs the population of Ukraine about the values ​​and
institutions of the State of Israel on the one hand, and the Israeli business community about
Ukraine’s true potential on the other. Within the framework of these tasks, the Chamber carries out
public opinion research, analysis and adaptation of unique solutions which it develops,
corresponding to today’s realities of both states.

5. Interaction with international exchange structures

Building a system of individual or corporate access to international investment sites, including
central, global, specialized and stock exchanges. Ensuring interaction with exchange structures and
participation in the exchange activity.

6. Building an effective and accessible international arbitration court on the basis of the Chamber

The International Court of Arbitration is one of the crucial tools for improving the investment climate
of Ukraine and reducing investment risks for foreign investors and business people. Creating such a
platform will allow business people from both countries to effectively resolve commercial disputes,
and protect investments, rights and intellectual property.

7. Building a platform for a financial services and credit system

Building a financial services system (interstate transfers, payment systems, organizing interaction
with banking institutions) and organizing a mutual lending and mutual investment system.

8. Stock operations

Building a system of advisory and technical maintenance of stock operations through licensed
organizations associated with the Chamber.

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