On this page the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine will showcase proposals for
cooperation between Ukrainian, Israeli and international companies.
If you are interested in one of the business opportunities or would like to offer information about
your company, please contact us.

The Ukrainian edged timber manufacturer

The Ukrainian manufacturer of 2, 3 and 4 grade pine edged timber (boards) offers products for export.

Agricultural machinery from Ukraine

Joint stock company from Ukraine is looking for partners to export their products. It manufactures high quality grain drills and trailed sprayers.

An offer from the Ukrainian special tubes plant

The Ukrainian plant offers products for export – seamless cold-deformed tubes.

Jewelry sets made of amber

The Ukrainian state jewelry enterprise is searching potential partners. The company specialization is exquisite jewelry sets made of amber.

Fatty acids from sunflower soapstock

The Ukrainian company produces industrial monocarbon fatty acids from sunflower soapstock, non-distilled, without saponification.

Ukrainian wood and wood chips

The company that specializes in woodworking offers products for export.

Goods for repair and construction for export

The Ukrainian company engaged in the production of diverse products for repair and construction is looking for potential partners.

The Ukrainian flakes manufacturer

A well-known Ukrainian company specializing in the production of flakes that require cooking, as well as flakes of instant cooking from all types of leguminous plants, offers products for export.

Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of suspended ceilings

Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of suspended ceilings of various types is offering a partnership.

The Ukrainian company that manufactures cereals

A Ukrainian company that manufactures cereals, is in search of potential partners.

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