In February 2019, as a part of the MUNI WORLD exhibition and conference, the first ever Israeli-Ukrainian municipal summit The Israeli Ukrainian Muni Summit (IUMS 2019) with the participation of mayors and representatives of municipal authorities from ten cities of Ukraine headed by Vitali Klitschko (Mayor of Kyiv, Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Cities) was held in Israel.

IUMS 2019 was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine (legal name – the Chamber of Industry and Innovation Israel-Ukraine) in partnership with the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel to establish bilateral cooperation and share experience at the local government level.

On February 25, within the framework of the summit, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a B2B round table at the Israel Export Institute in which the Ukrainian delegation took part, as well as representatives of Israeli business. At the meeting innovative solutions by Israeli companies in smart city, urban security and environment projects were presented. The companies Mer Group, Saferplace, Rad Green, Parkam, NetLine, City Shob, Tondo-Iot, SuTok showed their achievements in these areas.

B2B round table allowed all guests to take part in effective business networking, establish high-quality direct contacts among themselves and discuss further steps aimed at developing cooperation.

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