The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine in collaboration with the Israeli High-Tech Association held the zoom event “Israel-Ukraine HR Forum: The situation in Ukraine and its consequences for Israeli high-tech companies”. This forum was organized for CEOs and HR managers of Israeli companies which have employees in Ukraine.

The speakers of the event were:
• Bat El Zyssman, Director of Human Resources of Cyber Security
• Bareket Knafo, Head of Israel’s Economic and Trade Missions to Romania and Ukraine
• Marian Cohen, President of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association
• Evgeny Shulgin, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel – Ukraine
• Eyal Sternberg, ADV, Head of employment

The agenda included following issues:

1. Current situation:
• The geopolitical picture from the point of view of the worker from Ukraine
• What types of employees are there in terms of their marital status and the situation from their perspective
• The mental state of the employees
• The economic situation of the workers
• Conscription
• Israel compared to European countries

2. Implications for Outsourcing & Outstaffing:
• Impact of sanctions on the labor market in Russia and Belarus
• Russia-Ukraine-Belarus triangle
• Implications of the situation on Israeli high-tech

3. Meaning for the employee:
• Those who remain in Ukraine
• Those who are outside Ukraine
• The family

4. Alternatives to development centers:
• What can be examined and decided today
• Differences between European and Ukrainian legislation
• Risks for Israeli high-tech companies

5. What is expected the day after?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-Ukraine would like to thank all partners and all companies that were present for their active participation.

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